Van Wel Sport

VAN WEL SPORT is a sports shop specialized in Badminton. It's been 30 years since the store opened its doors.

We offer a wide range of items that a Badminton player needs: rackets, textile, ruffles, ropes, grips, shoes, socks, bags, for which we have a really large stock. We have great experience in repairing strings; A service we can offer in a very short time (by appointment, it's even possible to string the racket during your visit).

The shop is daily opened, but by appointment. Take a quick phone call and we'll find the best time for you to visit us:

Fix: 02/241.16.72

Mobile phone: 0486/66.84.60 & 0496/68.86.93

The store is partner with Yonex since its inception and this given the quality that the brand offers. Recently we have also started selling the FZ Forza brand.

Tornooi stand


We have a store of more or less 60 m2 at the following address:

Adolphe Marbotinlaan, 104 A, 1030 Brussel

In which you can discover all the proposed material. On our site you will find a short explanation of the different articles, but we can give you a lot of additional technical details, aswell as personalized advice. We also offer you the possibility to take a racket for a trial (in order to make your choice in the best way possible)

The store will soon become a partnership between father and son. Thierry van Wel (ex A) and Raphaël van Wel (A) both high-level badminton players. We give trainings (Bad79, W&l, Blauwput, Dijlevallei,Vvbbc ...) so we can deliver in the region of Leuven (Leuven), as well as in the region of Anderlecht. We build rope and sales stands in several tournaments: Blauwput, Merchtem, Overijse, Hall, St Job, Keerbergen, Bad 79, Brussel's International, Dilbeek ... and we also do club nights (on request from clubs).

We offer textiles for clubs or interclub teams (Yonex, Fz forza, other brands of sportswear), so make your request by leaving a message.

Have a visit !